2 Months and the First Day of Spring

How did this happen, boys?! I can’t believe you are already two months old.

Little Babies, Little Boys
You are getting so big now and really looking like little babies. We look back on photos of you from last month and can’t believe how tiny you were. Even now, you are tiny, but to us you are looking very big indeed.
It was a rough start to this month. You both had reflux that made you very unhappy. Whoop Whoop, it made you super fussy and screaming and Grunter, it made you vomit most of your meals which caused you from achieving a proper weight gain.
Now that we’ve got that under control, Whoop Whoop is not as fussy and Grunter is finally gaining some weight.
At your last pediatrician appointment at 7 weeks, you were exactly 1 lb apart with W2 at 7 lbs, 12 oz and Grunter at 6 lbs, 12 oz. Your new pediatrician is the best and he says you are perfect.
It’s crazy that 8 weeks into this life, you are finally filling out your newborn outfits. W2 is actually close to outgrowing some of them. We got our monies worth on that size!
Soon, we’ll actually be wearing size 0-3!
Breast Feeding
Your mommies also had a rough start to month two as we were both sick. I was sick for almost 3 weeks from Valentine’s Day into March and that time is a little blurry for me as I look back. Sleep deprivation and a bad cold will do that to you.
I continued to breast feed you even though I coughed all over your little heads all day and night. You never got sick, thank god.
During this time, your Chicken mommy would feed you bottles of breast milk during the night so I could get some sleep. This was good for me, but W2, you realized that eating from the bottle was pretty fast and easy and a couple of weeks later, you went on a nursing strike.
Oy vey. You are a willful one and you certainly keep us busy!
Activity Mat at 6 weeks, black and white
Bouncy seat at 8 weeks
Noticing your mommies at 7 weeks
Bath Time
Discovering your mobile on your 8 week birthday
Out and About
Your first road trip
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