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January 24, 2008


Skiing Solo

Well, it seems that everyone CAN’T just drop things at the last minute and go skiing in Tahoe.
Except me. I’m the only one to sign up for the team ski trip at the end of our retreat.
The plan was that we would car-pool next Wednesday night with people from our SF office to South Lake Tahoe. As a team, we would stay until Friday.
Based on this knowledge, I booked a lodge from Friday-Monday and Katie redeemed frequent flier miles for a ticket to Reno so we could have a long ski weekend.
I booked my ticket into SF, but out of Reno.

It’s now the day before I am flying out to SF. I mention to someone in passing if they are going on the ski trip. They give me a quizzical look and reply “no, the ski trip was canceled because nobody signed up for it”.
Heh, no one but me! They forgot to tell me the ski trip was canceled!!! Hello? I have a ticket out of RENO. I have a place to stay starting Friday. My partner is meeting me in Tahoe!
At the end of the day, my company agreed to pay for my plane ticket from SF-Reno and two nights lodging in Tahoe, plus some meals.

That’s what you get for planning at the last minute, folks….

I’m going to see if K can come earlier…


Desperately Seeking Writer

I used to call myself a writer. I no longer do this. At University I was a Communications Major with emphasis on Journalism. I wrote all the time; at the newspaper, for local student magazines, papers, articles, etc. The year I graduated and decided to move to NYC, I was offered three different internships: OUT magazine, Paper and Time Out. I couldn’t take any of them because they were unpaid. I couldn’t afford to live without having an income. I had zero savings and 25K in student loans. At that point, my dream of moving to New York and becoming a writer was shattered. I realized that without a key internship I would have a next-to-impossible time getting hired at a magazine.

And so I came to NYC, but I moved on…working in non-profit, catering, advertising, finance; 10 years later and I’ve done a lot of things in NYC. But I haven’t done a lot of writing. Every year it is a New Year’s resolution and each year I fail miserably. IN 2008 I decided two things: I would write a blog about trying to get pregnant and life in general and I would take a writing class. Taking a class would also give me something else to focus on instead being obsessive about TTC.

My first class, Travel Writing, was this evening and I loved it! I’ve never been in an entire class full of people who would quit everything to go travel. They got it, this thing that I do; quitting jobs, taking leaves of absence, working freelance/temp assignments, saving all your money for ONE thing—the next big trip.

My mind has been jolted awake and my inner writer is coming back. I can’t wait to meet her again.