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January 29, 2008


Puffers Go Ski!

As I am the only one signed up for the skiing trip, I’ve been trying to get K to change her ticket and meet me in Tahoe Wednesday instead of Friday. That would give us an honest vacation and we’d have time to get some great skiing.

Since neither of us planned to go skiing for a week, this is all spur of the moment, but at 11pm she was packing and had changed her ticket ($75 ticket change when it was booked using frequent flier miles? Grrr….). I emailed the cat sitter and by tomorrow…I’ll be with Puffer!

In other even stranger news…K mentioned to her father that we were going to go skiing in Tahoe and we find out that her aunt and her partner (yes, her aunt’s gay, her dad’s gay, her brother’s gay–it’s like the freaking GAY Brady Bunch) are skiing in Tahoe the same time.
Now, Tahoe’s a big place, they could be anywhere…but no. They are not only staying in South Lake Tahoe, they are one mile away and they are in the lodge that I tried to book and it was full!
How crazy weird is that?

Edited to add: We visited her aunt and found out we have the same room numbers…weeiiird!!!

Beautiful Day in San Francisco….almost

All I wanted to do is have a nice walk about this morning. The rain stopped, the sun is shining, the sky is the most gorgeous color of blue! It was perfect!

Until I ran into the co-worker waving to me from a window inside a coffee shop. I should’ve just said hello and excused myself, but no, I sat down. I did not want to be rude. It’s my own fault. I neither like nor dislike this particular co-worker, but we simply. don’t. click.

Having a conversation that doesn’t end feeling tense and weird is rare. Honestly, I think I’d rather have a tooth pulled out without Novacaine before spending another hour with said co-worker. OK, that’s being totally dramatic. Maybe I’d rather go a morning without a cappuccino. Shit, I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m going to have to do that, aren’t I?

It could be a long two days.