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March 6, 2008


March FSH Day 2 Test

I did my Day 2, FSH and E2 today and they came back great!

FSH 8.5, E2, 43

Dr. VID is happy, I’m happy!

I go in on March 15, Day 11 for more bloodwork and U/S (ultrasound).

From there they will determine what my levels look like and how many follicles I’ve got growing in there.

One way or another though, it looks like I’ll be doing my first IUI in less than two weeks.

How exciting!

I was missing a document that the Cryobank needed for storage and so my 12K order didn’t go through yesterday.

Today I was too scared to place it. Maybe I only need to use one vial per cycle? Then I could buy less.

What to do, what to do….

I’m going to ponder and do it tomorrow for sure. I need to talk to K again and with her schedule it’s hard to find time to talk during the week and right now….she’s on a plane coming home!! Yeah!