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March 2008


Operation Sperm-$7,000 Mission Accomplished

The missing paperwork was a blessing in disguise and potentially saved us $5,000 as I ended up buying 12 vials, not 20.

AND, I found out the vials are $565, not $595–not a huge difference but I’ll take the $360 in savings.

I talked to a few other women, did some more research and decided that since I am going to be having ultrasounds AND doing a trigger shot to time my ovulation, I am OK with only doing one vial/one insemination per month.
I have full confidence that Dr. VID knows exactly what he’s doing. He told me if I want two, he’ll do two, but he’s fine doing only one.

I’ve had this feeling since walking into the VEFC a couple of months ago that I would be getting pregnant in May. So, I decided to go with that and only ship enough to see me through May.

When it came time to fax in all of the papers and make the transaction–I found myself stalling. Frantically I started searching on other sperm donor sites looking at other profiles to assure myself that we were making the right decision. I like Seth, I really do! But maybe there’s someone even better….

Has anyone else been down to the wire and found themselves doing this??

Finally I called K, took a deep breath and just faxed them in. There. DONE.


March FSH Day 2 Test

I did my Day 2, FSH and E2 today and they came back great!

FSH 8.5, E2, 43

Dr. VID is happy, I’m happy!

I go in on March 15, Day 11 for more bloodwork and U/S (ultrasound).

From there they will determine what my levels look like and how many follicles I’ve got growing in there.

One way or another though, it looks like I’ll be doing my first IUI in less than two weeks.

How exciting!

I was missing a document that the Cryobank needed for storage and so my 12K order didn’t go through yesterday.

Today I was too scared to place it. Maybe I only need to use one vial per cycle? Then I could buy less.

What to do, what to do….

I’m going to ponder and do it tomorrow for sure. I need to talk to K again and with her schedule it’s hard to find time to talk during the week and right now….she’s on a plane coming home!! Yeah!


$12,000 Worth of Sperm

Oh My God. We finally chose “Seth the Architect”. No, his name is not Seth, but he is an architect and after K referring to everyone by their height I started giving all of the donors names that corresponded with something in their life. Works for me. I would die if I found out his name was actually Seth. I don’t even particularly like the name Seth, so again, it just popped into my head for no reason whatsoever.

Now that we have finally decided that this is the one, we’re buying 20 vials.

Providing we try two times / cycle and that we use Seth for K and myself, that only gives us five tries each.

We’ll ship six vials (three months worth) to our VEFC and they will charge us $250 for six months storage.

The others we will leave at CA Cryo and after three months, if I’m not pregnant we’ll ship out monthly (we think) for $190 shipping / month.

Hopefully there will be some leftover to get K pregnant in a couple of years…that’s the plan and we really would like both children to have the same donor.

CA Cryo will store for free for one year and they will also buy back unused vials for ½ price.

Also, if we decide Seth is no longer working out for us and we want to switcheroo, we can do so for $150 providing they never leave the facility.

I cannot believe that each vial is $595 each.

Oh, that 12K? Does NOT include shipping or storage fees!!!

I’m dying right now.


A Half Caffeinated Life

One of the things about getting pregnant I’ve been dreading more than anything (other than the inevitable weight gain) is…giving up my morning cappuccino. I do not buy coffee drinks in the morning and I don’t care that much for regular coffee. We have some fancy schmancy machine that came with a DVD to learn how to use it. K had to teach me to make an espresso. For the love of God, I’ve been making espresso years longer than her…but this crazy machine is her baby. Every morning, I make an Italian espresso cappuccino and drink it out of a big steaming bowl while I check my email before going to work. It’s a ritual, I love it and I’m not willing to give it up. So, I switched to decaf. Well, to be exact, I am weaning myself off by going half/half and seeing just how bad it is.

It’s pretty bad! This is the only caffeine I have all day. I don’t drink soda or tea and I’m so tired!!

This is the first weekend in six weeks that both K and I were both in NYC.
The weather wasn’t the greatest, but we made the most of it.
To keep myself from napping the weekend away—which is what I felt like doing–we kept ourselves busy running errands, hitting the gym and going to a pilates class.
And then…we mostly walked around and ate!

Saturday, we were honored to be chosen for “date night”. We don’t get to see this friend very often as she married with two children and lives in NJ, so it was a real treat! She came to the East Village and we were able to have a nice dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, “Haveli”
had a quick dessert at “Pudding”, the little sister outpost of ChikaLicious just across the street, got coffee for Liz and Katie (Oh God I Wanted ONE) at “Tarallucci e Vino” and saw the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”. The movie isn’t going to win any awards, but two hot girls with heaving bosoms is never a bad thing for a couple of hours.

Sunday we had brunch with a great friend we hadn’t seen in six weeks and found a new place, “The Smith” Loved it and will go back there for sure!
Later we walked to Chinatown and met three friends for dinner at a Vietnamese place,
We walked down here last Sunday night for dinner and enjoyed it so much, we brought three friends! Cheap and Delicious!

We are so anxious for Spring to arrive so we can be outside all weekend, walking, exploring and eating! Maybe I’ll wake up more when the sun shines longer.
Mostly, I’m happy that I don’t have to travel anywhere for a month.