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May 20, 2008


A Shot in the Stomach

Last night I had to give my cousin, who is squatting on my couch for three days, a shot in her stomach.

I didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t/wouldn’t do it herself and neither would her daughter.
That left me.
I said, “well, if I ever have to do injectables and/or IVF, this will give me an idea of what I’ll have to do to myself.”
Right after that I thought, “I think I’ve cursed myself.  Does this mean I’m going to be doing this?”
And for the first time all week, I felt not pregnant.

It’s 7DPO and I know it’s too early to tell one way or another and I really try SO hard not to obsess over every twinge or temp rise, but I felt for the first time ever this month I really could be pregnant this time.  I never felt that way with IUI #1 or #2….but this one had possibilities…until that shot in the stomach.

The shot wasn’t so bad, I could do it to myself if I had to, but I’d much rather I didn’t…