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May 27, 2008


This is Not a Belly Shot

Of a pregnant woman.

This is a belly shot of a woman who has just been told she was probably a little bit pregnant and it just didn’t stick.  So, I guess I was right about getting pregnant in May…sort of.
The red-headed, fat lady is currently singing her heart out and that’s all there is to say.

I’ve had so many phone calls today and well wishes from both internet land and people I know in real life.  To know that so many people care about me and love me has made this day not just bearable but ultimately one where at feel at peace.
Right after getting the news, a friend made a special trip to the park to bring me wine and sit with K and I awhile.
Then, 2 more people showed up and 2 more…people came and went throughout the afternoon.
K and I made dinner and we ended the evening with a picnic in the park and a new group of friends.

This week I’ll have to talk to my RE and see where do we go from here.  I’m scared as hell to go on meds not because of putting drugs in my body per se, but because of the risk of multiples. My body can safely handle one baby.  My RE has said I ‘could’ carry twins, but that I will be high-risk.  In two weeks, I turn 39, so I’m already on the edge of risky territory right there.
No one said this journey would be easy…

Thanks for all of your messages and comments and phone calls and love.
I feel it and it means a lot to me.