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May 28, 2008


Squirrels Falling From Trees

Yesterday I was walking to work through Madison Square Park.  This is a beautiful park with loads of green space, tall leafy trees and tons of squirrels.  You can even find them trying to eat banana peels!

My mind was swimming with thoughts of all I’d gone through the past weekend and wondering what my protocol for the next cycle would be when suddenly I heard:

In front of me lay a squirrel crumpled on the pavement having fallen from the tree above me. Our eyes locked as his body twitched.  Horrified, I looked around this normally busy park to find someone who had witnessed this crazy event.  A woman came up behind me and I pointed to the poor squirrel.  She remarked that she’d heard the crash and we both stood on the path speechless.

“This is a bad omen, an ominous beginning to my day”, I worried out loud….
And then the little guy gave a big jerk, righted himself up and scampered over the grass, just like that.

The woman, this perfect stranger, put her hand on my arm and looking me in the eye said, 
“It’s not a bad omen.  It just means that sometimes we fall down.  And when we do, we need to pull ourselves together, get back up and carry on again.”

Bidding me a nice day she walked away.