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July 16, 2008


We have a Winner!

Queerstork guessed correctly!  We are going to Bali and then to the Gilli Islands off the coast of Lombok.

Lizzie from Two Chicks in Pursuit of a Babe guessed Java / Bora Bora so I’m giving props to her as well since Java is sooo close and Bora Bora was on the list of places we were considering.

I had a feeling these two would be the winners as Queerstork and I are neck-in-neck for countries visited and Lizzie is a world traveler, too.  Well Done Ladies!
If both of you will PM me, I’ll get your details and you’ll get a free I Love NY T-shirt!

This contest really weeded out the map junkie/geography students, didn’t it?   Years ago, I got this laminated world map that I mounted on foam core and framed.  It hangs in our bathroom and has tiny colored push pins with all the places we’ve been.  Every time I get home from a trip, I can’t wait to add another pin.  I’m out to conquer that world map. When we have guests, they tend to stay in the loo longer then usual!  
Yes, Rachel, you are right.  We plan to keep right on traveling with this baby. It will be different, but it will be wonderful and we can’t wait!!