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July 22, 2008


13 DPO…

It’s been busy around here since my IUI.  I will say that the TWW has flown by and I’m super happy about that.
Not to bore you with the details, but here what’s been going on (in Days Past Ovulation form):

2 DPO – Acupuncture for post IUI.  She says my temp cycle is the best one I’ve ever had and the timing looks great.
Hit a fab summer sale and picked up a beach dress for now…and later for Bali!
That evening headed out to Prospect Park to see the Brazilian G.irls in concert.  We went out with another couple, had an amazing picnic on the lawn and then as night fell the band took over and we danced in the Groove Zone until the parks dept shut us down. 

3 DPO – Back to Brooklyn (we love Park Slope!) and had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely ladies from Babypants.  Hey Girls!  It was lesbian couples blind date!  We talked for two hours over tea before heading to Prospect Park (yes, again) to see Beth O.rton in concert.  It was mildly disappointing and we were wishing we’d gone to see Julietta V.enegas at Summer Stage instead, but then we wouldn’t have met up with LBabypants and HBabypants, so it was worth it!

4 PDO – K’s brother and wife from LA are in town!  We had 10 family members over to ‘our’ lawn and had brunch outside while we all caught up for hours.  It was so nice and relaxing. Later, K, the bro and I went on a nice long walk down the East River esplanade before coming home and cooking up a delicious meal using all of our vegetables from our farm share.  Perfect weekend!
6 DPO – Noticed that the progesterone hasn’t made me crazy this cycle.  That could also be because last month I was taking double the dosage I was supposed to!  Yep, the pharmacist fucked up and told me to take 200mg twice a day, but the RE says…no!  Only once!  K is here to vouch for me that I am not having any bitchy side effects at all this month and that is soooo nice for everyone in this house!
Therapist says this is the happiest she has ever seen me.  I am happy, it’s true.  I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

8 DPO – Went to my friend’s art gallery opening.  Saw lots of friends, so good to be around people who care about me.  Walked across town with a BF, her adorable son and caught up on life.  Beautiful summer night, wanted to stay out forever.

9 DPO – Had dinner with 4 other friends at a yummy Brazilian restaurant.  Tried to go salsa dancing afterwards, but the DJ had other tunes in mind, so we headed out for gelato and called it a night.

10 DPO – Met up for brunch in the West Village with another TTC couple we met on a lesbian online forum.  This was the 2nd time we’d met them and we had so much fun!  Really wished they lived closer so we could get together more often.

That night…I relived my youth by going to see YAZ in their final farewell concert.  Now, I know most of my readers might not know who YAZ/YAZOO is (and if you do, drop me a line!) but let me just say:  They are the duo of Alison Moyet and Vince Clark and they were just as brilliant tonight–25 years later–as they were in 1983 when they split.  After the split, Moyet went on to a brilliant solo career and Clark formed Erasure (I know you’ve heard of them, right?!) and found a lead singer, Andy Bell, who vocally was a dead ringer for Moyet.  

It was so amazing to see the people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s dancing around like teenagers again.  I went with one of best girlfriends for over 16 years and we had a great time reliving our youth (and tried to not think too much about that 25 years part….)!

11 DPO – K and I got up early, met three friends and headed out to Long B.each for some playa time.  I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of July and just now getting to the beach!  We’ve decided we need to get out here a bit more and build up a base tan for vacation.  Lovely day spent reading, people watching, chilling with friends, long walks and eating.  I love the beach.

12 DPO – Off to Boston for a business trip

13 DPO – Back from Boston.  My boss is brilliant but can talk for 3.5 hours RT and then some….I am exhausted and need some quiet time, so doing nothing but reading tonight.  The cats really missed me.

And tomorrow…it will be testing time.
I’ve had symptoms oh yes I have, many abdominal pains, heartburn, a couple bouts of nausea and for the last 3 days tits that feel as if I’m slinging around bowling balls.  What could it be?  Could be the C.lomid.  Coud be the progesterone.  Could be my period.  Could be…..pregnant?
I am hopeful.  I do have hope.

But you’ll have to wait until Friday to find out because K and I have decided that if I am pregnant, she wants to hear it in person. Since her flight generally doesn’t get her home until after midnight on Thursdays, that means either way, I can’t say what the verdict is until then.

Belated congratulations to the lovelies over at Now That You Know!  Way to go ladies!  I knew third time was a charm!!!!