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August 1, 2008


Why I Hate Meetings

Because I just cannot concentrate and I don’t have that much to say.  I try so hard and look alert and say all the right things, but mentally I wander…

“OK, I’m in a meeting, concentrate.  It’s really cold in here, I wonder if this jacket is going to keep me warm enough for the next hour.  I hate being cold.  Keep making eye contact.  Not too much, you don’t want to just stare at her.  I wonder if I’m pregnant.  I could be pregnant, right?  Oh shit, no I can’t.  I haven’t had an IUI yet.  Definitely not pregnant.  But maybe I’ll get pregnant this time.  Why are they talking so much?  This project is boring. There’s not that much to talk about.  I wish I had another job.  Oh shit, I just tried to stifle a yawn but a little came out.  I hope they didn’t see me.  Participate, nod your head, say ‘right, right’.  I need to call my RE.  We need to talk.  I’m going to end up doing IVF, aren’t I?  That sucks.  Actually the needles suck.  I’m very scared of the needles.  Look alert!  Oh look, they have coffee, I wish I had some coffee.  I bet if I had coffee I’d talk more.  I wonder if I had more to say when I was caffeinated? Shit, they’re both looking at me.  What did I miss?  Fuck.  Oh nothing, good.  Wow, I must’ve really spaced out that time.   Hey, window washers, hi guys!  Be careful.  That looks dangerous.  I’m glad I’m not a window washer.  That must be really fun looking in on everyone in their windows though.  That’s kind of cool. I wonder what time it is.  Holy shit, it’s only been 22 minutes.  Damn.”

I cannot wait for this day to be over…because K flies home tonight and tomorrow we both work from home!!!