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August 8, 2008


Eight Years. 8.8.08

We’ve been together eight years today and what a great date it is today: 8.8.08

We were married on 6.5.04, so I feel lucky all around in the numbers department.
It’s so hard to believe, it’s gone by so fast.

Fridays we normally both work from home, which means I check email on my Crackberry while running errands and getting my hair done.  My stylist is 9 months pregnant and about to pop any day now, so I had her very swollen belly pushing into me for hours.  Later, I got to feel him kick and move around.  It was awesome and can only mean good luck, right?

Tonight we splurged for dinner and had the most delicious tasting menu.  When we arrived, K had even ordered flowers for the table and five luscious pink roses awaited me.  We’ll spend the rest of the weekend at a friend’s house here, reading, relaxing and soaking up some summer sun.

I love you so much baby, thanks for a great anniversary weekend.