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August 20, 2008


Subborn Lil Thing

My body is stubborn. It knows what today is and it does not care that I am shoving pills up my HooHa. Oh progesterone, I thought you were supposed to delay my period, mai non? Apparently my body says “fuck you hooha pills, I’ll bleed if I want to”. Which is exactly what it did last month, on this exact day. In all honesty I’ve only just started spotted, there’s no river of red going on around here, but it will come, oh yes it will.
But wait! There’s more! My temperature shot UP 4 points this morning. I mean really, WTF??
It’s way too late for implantation spotting, but I am baffled. I’m either 13 or 14 DPO. Don’t really know to tell you the truth.
Yesterday I had the almost, but not quite PMS headache…and a small one today. That’s not normal as it’s usually for one day and it’s full on, but never for 2 days. I have no idea.

This weekend we are going to a friend’s big gay wedding in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. Don’t you just love that name?!
I fly to meet K in SF tomorrow and we are going to test together on Friday morning. We actually even went out and BOUGHT a damn pregnancy test–the first one EVER–because I knew I wouldn’t get my period with the progesterone and I’d have to test. I don’t know if I’ll have to do that or not now.
And now…I’m wondering if I should just go to get the blood test tomorrow morning so I can have some answers about all of the craziness.
I know the HPT’s don’t always catch it right at 14/15DPO and I’d really like to know if I can drink champagne at the wedding or not!

Regardless, I have IVF orientation training next Wednesday. It sounds like all kinds of fun learning how to pump up those needles and shoot oranges. Can’t wait. I wanted to go ahead and schedule the class so that I wouldn’t miss it in September and be delayed another month.
In fact, I’d hoped with a BFN this month, that I’d keep on with the progesterone to delay my period just enough that I’d be able to start as soon as I returned from Indonesia in late September. But it is looking like my body has other plans for me. I mean we’re talking ONE DAY.
IVF starts on Day 2 monitoring and as it’s going right now, I’ll miss it by ONE DAY and have to wait until October.

Hopefully all of the flying will throw my body off and I’ll stumble into the clinic jet-lagged and bleary eyed the day after my return.

Or I’m pregnant. Whatever. Seriously at this point, I’m just ready to get on a plane and have some fun with my baby. I cannot wait to get to California.

PS–I’m much, much better than Sunday/Monday! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I don’t know what I’d do without this community.