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August 26, 2008



This is the state I’m in. Still pregnant, no doubt about it–but the numbers are still low. However, they have done exactly what they are supposed to be doing which is doubling every 48 hours. And, older women have much lowers numbers than younger ones. It’s hard not to compare.

I’ve been spotting everyday, very light brown, which I’ve read is perfectly normal. But it is still scary.
There have been some ‘pregnancy’ symptoms which are reassuring:
in the mornings the need to eat NOW hits me full force. I’ve dry heaved twice in the morning, once on Sunday and once this morning. No nausea or vomiting whatsoever, just a gag and then I’m back to normal.
My energy is not lagging at all!
In fact, K had a hard time keeping up with me this weekend and she was flying in from Central time! So, that’s great.
K is so excited but is taking my cue and not knowing whether to be excited or cautious or a crazy combination of both.
It’s difficult and now she’s gone again.

My travel plans are tricky with the testing b/c they want to see me again this Saturday and I leave Thursday for Montreal and won’t be able to test again until I’m back in NYC on Tuesday, Sept. 2.
Then, I’ll just have that test to go on before I leave for Indonesia three days later….

Perfect timing (1) I just got 2 free tickets to “Spring Awakening”.
My due date is April 30th, so I’m going to take this as a good sign! (2) my BFF just called me to remind me most women just have the POAS to go by for 10 weeks until they have their first appointment so stop stressing about the numbers. They are doing what they should be doing.
She thinks it’s great that I’m traveling so I can’t have too many tests and keep obsessing about the numbers!
She’s probably right.
She also told me to think positive and believe that I’m truly pregnant—the baby needs that positive energy.
So, here I go.
Hard to believe, but totally true.
The universe knew better than to keep me inside all winter with an infant and wants me to have the summer off!

PS—I just had my annual review today and it was great! More money, big bonus–all for the baby!