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October 5, 2008


Baby Stab Me One More Time

Bright and early to the RE’s on a brilliant Fall morning! My FSH is 7.4 and E2 is 37, antral follicles show about 3 on each side, so 6 total. Not spectacular, but for my ‘advanced age’ but I’ll take it!
We headed to Grand Central after that to catch the train upstate, cooler with meds in hand along with a yummy apple bread pudding I made to celebrate K’s belated 31st birthday.
Her mom, step dad and cousin picked us up and we spent the rest of the day in the Mohonk Preserve on a 6 mile hike. The weather was perfect, the leaves just starting to change and it was wonderful to out in the fresh air surrounded by family who love and support us.

I know that for the majority of this month, I’m going to have to ‘take it easy’ but I’m not really sure what that means for these days before retrieval. Over the last month, I’ve really loved having the freedom to workout and do whatever I want and not worry about ‘harming’ anything. As a result, I’ve lost the few stubborn TTC pounds I’d gained over the summer and am glad that I’m starting the IVF cycle at my real weight.
I feel very empowered and satisfied to have my ‘body’ as I know it back to me.

So, I’m a little nervous about ‘taking it easy’. I’d like to hear from others who have gone down this path and what you limited your activites to both pre-retrievel and post tranfer. I’ve basically been told ‘walking is OK’. Hmm…I already walk to work every day making for an hour total. Is that much walking OK? No one seems to know…I guess there are no true answers.

The first injection was a bit excruiating in that we were trying to watch the video online and the internet up here in the boonies is so freaking slow that the video that should’ve taken about 5 minutes ended up taking 30. I just wanted to get it over with! After a 2 false stabs, I finally did it. It doesn’t hurt–it’s just that willingly getting your hand to do something painful to your stomach is hard!
K took a stab at it this morning and I like that much better. So, I think I’ll have her do it when she’s home and I’ll do it when she’s gone M-TH. Overall though, so far, so good. Super easy that Follisti.m pen.

Thanks so much for all of your kind words and encouraging words of hope, they really mean a lot to me!