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October 7, 2008


Per.formance Anxiety

Giv.e it to me hard and fast and DO NOT pull out until I say so!

She pulled out. I didn’t say so. Maybe my hand got in the way when I looked down, who knows.
But as a result I got stabbed twice. Poor thing, she had per.formance anxiety.
This morning, my love is on a jet plane and I’m back to injecting myself. I think I like it better this way (no offense baby) but at least I know I’m not going to pull out.
It’s just that she hates to hurt me…she really, really, hates those needles. And I hate being poked more than necessary. So there you have it.

Tomorrow I go in for blood work and my first ultrasound to see how jacked up my follicles are. I can’t wait!!!