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October 10, 2008


Where Have You Been All My Life?

I found him.  It took 4 hours and a few more thousand dollars but we have a new baby daddy.

And we LOVE him.  Thank god K has relaxed about ethnic requirements because let me tell you he never would’ve been considered last winter!
Ah….feeling so much better now (see I’m not cursing?!)…

He arrives Monday so I hope my follicles hold off until then to do whatever it is they’re doing.
Tomorrow we have another blood and U/S and I think we’ll have a pretty good idea which way we’re going to go.
I totally have my head wrapped around an IUI and we’re completely OK with that–even looking forward to it.
I got pregnant with an IUI–I can do this again!

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments.  I really needed them after a rough day like that.
My RE wasn’t trying to push K’s eggs on me at all.  In fact he had forgotten that was an option–I’m the one who brought it up.  He was leaning towards a different drug protocol for me for ‘next time’.
The problem is that I have “X” amount left in my insurance coverage and if I want enough leftover to do the FET with K’s eggs, I can’t do two rounds of IVF + FET.
So…that’s where we are with that.

Also someone suggested trying Gonal F.  Same drug!  Who knew? Only the name is different.  I know because a friend offered me some of her leftover Gonal F and my RE said I could use that along with the Follistim–interchangeable even in the same cycle!  I guess it’s like Motrin and Advil, same same but different.

As far as a second opinion goes:  I’m at one of the top 4 Fertility Centers in the USA.  This is the clinic I have to go to for my insurance to cover it.  What I can do is talk to the RE on call tomorrow morning and ask his opinion.  That’s how I ended up doing Clomid, so I will definitely be talking to someone else.  I really like my RE, but it’s always great to get that second opinion.

OK, it’s a beautiful night out and we’re going out for a walk and look for a place to eat outdoors.
Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!

The Break Up

Dear Anonymous Sperm Donor,

We’re over. I’ve had enough. I stayed with you for the money—all those services paid in advance. But now all bets are off.
There’s too much riding on this decision and I’ve decided I need a new boyfriend.

It’s true, I thought you and I might work this out. But then I found out about that other girl—you know, the one you knocked up last May? Yeah, her outcome ended up the same as mine. And now neither of us are pregnant. And well…I’m thinking it might be you.
So this is it. I’m taking your empty vials out of my spirit house.

PS – I never really loved you. Did you know that?