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October 28, 2008



The problem with being pregnant before is that you know what it feels like to be pregnant. Although we’ve all been told every pregnancy is different–it’s hard not to compare.  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing–comparing.

I’m either at 13/14 DPO depending on who is counting.  I thought about testing today but I’m sick at home.
I woke up yesterday with a scratchy, itchy sore throat and found myself sucking on Vitamin C drops all day.  Later that afternoon I developed a headache…the headache that usually comes before AF… except then I realized I also got a headache before I found out I was pregnant.  So, headaches and sore bb’s are completely useless indicators of if one is pregnant or about to bleed.
I went to acupuncture last night thinking it would probably help my headache at least and not only was it the worst session I think I’ve ever had, my head was pounding when I left.
Canceling the plans I’d had to go see a friend, I went home and stood in the kitchen at 7:30 totally convinced I might die.
Breaking down I finally took Tylenol and thank G*d starting feeling some sort of relief.  I even managed to eat dinner and drink some lemon tea before collapsing into bed.

This morning I could care less to test–it’s the last thing I’m thinking about.
I’ve been laying in my bed with the cats most of the day with a heating pad on my back because it feels like it’s breaking.
My ears hurt, my head is stuffy, my throat is dry, I have a fever and I need a massage.
This is when it sure would be nice if the other puffer came home at night.  I miss her.
Thank G*d I live in NYC where you can get delivery for anything and never leave the house.
Now where can I get a massage lady to come over who is not going to try to give me a h.appy ending…