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October 29, 2008


It’s Just Me, Dexter and Cats

Feeling better today after sleeping for a full 10 hours.  That was nice.  My fever is gone, my back is not hurting anymore, my ears finally popped–oh the sweet relief– and my throat is feeling somewhat back to normal…with the help of loads of lemon/honey tea.

I don’t have much of an appetite and really need to eat something proper soon.

Since we got back from Indonesia and found a giant box containing brand new TV in our house–we haven’t been able to do much with it except discover that Net.Fli.x ROCKS (I have over 100 movies in the queue and I just joined) and it’s much easier to do Yoga on a 40 flat screen than a ma.c book screen!

I could really care less about TV.  Movies are fine with me and Net Fli.x could keep me busy every night.  But K wants channels!  shows!  sports!  (Even though I reminded her she lives here about 48 hours a week and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to watch anything…but…) So, we are of this moment, courtesy of Dexter, being set up with Fi.os, which I guess is like the new cable.  Don’t ask me.  Our building just got wired for it (not available everywhere) and it was a great deal.

But don’t you just love when you order something and not only is there a 4 week period between ordering a service and getting said service, but then they tell you someone will be there between 8am-5pm??
Really?  You can’t be more specific than that?!  Dexter showed up around 11am and he’s a perfectly nice guy, but no one told me that I needed to have my entire walk in closet completely emptied out or that I’d be spending the next 6-8 HOURS with Dexter?!?!  I did NOT want to be cleaning out a closet today, no. no. no.

The bright side is that I get to speak out loud to a real, live human being; there are no longer any dust bunnies in my closet and tonight I can join the masses of American TV zombies.
Good times.

Oh and tomorrow I guess I’ll test.  Why not?  I have to leave the house sooner or later…