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November 5, 2008


We are the Champions!

Take that “MY FRIENDS”!

Who am I kidding, of course I stayed awake to watch.
You know what was really cool?  Hearing my NYC neighborhood erupt in screams (this is with the windows closed) the exact moment they called it on the TV.
That was amazing!

I’m Not Watching….

I watched a little bit and found that I’d stuffed a couple of fingers in my mouth and they were being chewed by teeth…mine.

I don’t bit nails.

I haven’t been this excited/nervous since Clinton the first time around and I was lucky enough (old enough?) to help vote him in.  Say what you want about the guy, but if I were President and a hot intern offered…ahem…I don’t know…  Power.   It gets to you.

Anyway, my staff sent me home from work yesterday and strongly suggested I go to the Doctor.
You know what the MD says?  I have a cold.  Yeah, I knew that.  No seriously, I have a really bad lingering cold with a possible sinus infection.  She wrote me an RX for antibiotics but would prefer that I not take them (me too) unless it gets worse.  The migraines are triggered by the sinus pressure…and I’ve found that as long as I don’t talk to ANYONE all day long, I’m headache free!  Sounds fun, huh?  Meanwhile, more working from home for me.

I also told her about the fertility meds I’d been on–in particular the massive amounts of Follistim–and she agreed that it had probably weakened my immune system.
One more affirmation that I’m doing the right thing by taking a break.

Wake me up when we’ve won.