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November 7, 2008



I just got back from acupuncture–she had 14 needles in my face that totally cleared up my sinuses.  I can breathe!!  Sweet Goddess of Needles!

After going through my temp chart and the TMI symptoms of AF this month…she’s convinced I had a chemical pregnancy.
She’s never seen Follist.im cause the ‘things’ that I had going on with AF and she has seen it with a chemical.  I was reassured it was a very good decision to take the month off.

So, tallying up the score here:
  • TTC #3 May, probable chemical
  • TTC #6 August, miscarriage
  • TTC #7 October, probable chemical

Up until this point I’ve been able to get by on my youthful looks, but alas, my eggs are not fooled.  Chromosomal abnormalities are the biggest cause of early miscarriages and the older you are the more ‘damaged eggs’ you’re carrying in your basket. 
On one hand–my body is really trying to get pregnant.
On the other hand–it’s not quite getting me to a real live baby.

Next month, I’ll be adding B6 to the mix along with the progesterone, a high protein diet and….I’ve been told I can have my decaf lattes!!!  Woo and Hoo.

Happy Days indeed.