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November 19, 2008


Bullets Because I’m Tired

Training Day

  • The training course yesterday was challenging to say the least.
  • I had to learn a 2-week course of HTML in 7 hours.
  • There were only 3 of us in the class and the other 2 had taken an HTML class before.
  • I am not a techie at ALL.
  • Right about 1pm I thought I might burst into tears from frustration.
  • I did not.
  • I don’t do well with being in last place.
  • I’m still exhausted.

What is This Reddish Stuff?

  • It’s sporadically in my CM and when I use the loo since Day 19.
  • I ovulated on Day 17.
  • There’s no way I could be starting my period.
  • It’s now Day 21.
  • Internet says “mid-cycle spotting is normal”.
  • Not normal for me.
  • Acupuncturist gave me herbs to warm my qi.
  • I’m running cold these days (and my temps prove it).
  • Let me say it one more time: It was a good month to take a break.

Who’s Moving to Florida?

  • Not us.
  • Thanks for all of your comments–they sent me to reality check land.
  • We will continue to visit relatives for the free sun and sand.
  • I am trying to embrace the freezing–whoops, brisk!–wind on my walk to work and back.

On Bars and Lesbians

  • I like lesbians–obviously–I married one.
  • I have a great group of lesbian friends and I really like hanging out with them.
  • But not at bars.
  • I don’t put myself in a box that says “lesbian” on the label because that’s not ‘who’ I am.
  • Lesbian bars make me very boxed in and uncomfortable.
  • NYC bar flies seem to be like the popular clique in HS. They all look the same and act the same and have the same haircut.
  • Over it.
  • Glad to hear others don’t “get it” either!

If you’re interested in Irish history in the 1920’s, I strongly recommend the movie, “The Wind That Sha.kes the Barley”. Excellent film, even if I did have to turn on the subtitles to understand the thick Irish brogue.

Well, that turned into a long post after all.


I Just Don’t Get It

Maybe it’s because I started young–underage

Maybe it’s because I worked in one for a couple of years
Maybe it’s because I don’t like the music
Maybe it’s because some of the people scare me
Maybe it’s because it feels segregated
Maybe it’s because I’m married
Maybe it’s because I’m older
Maybe it’s because I don’t get drunk
Maybe it’s because I’m not looking
Maybe it’s because I look straight
Maybe it’s because the most discrimination I’ve ever faced for being not being “lesbian enough” has been inside a New York lesbian bar.

Say what you want about the south, but this never happened in Texas.
I’m so over lesbians and their bars.