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November 23, 2008


So Relaxed…

We trekked out to this Korean spa today.  It was the second time for me, but the first for K.  

Whoa, so relaxing!  We both got Korean body scrubs and massages and while it wasn’t as cheap as Bali, it was a bargain for NYC as this place is at the edge-of-nowhere, suburban Queens which required 3 trains and a free shuttle van.
If you don’t mind getting naked with a bunch of Asian and Russian women–you’ll love this place.

During the 5 hours we spent there, we sampled 5 different hot tubs and 10 different saunas, plus some quite decent Korean food.  There are more pools and tubs on the outdoor top floor of the building (there are 5 floors!) but we just couldn’t get the courage to step outside in the freezing night air to get to the warm water.
This place is like nothing I’ve ever seen!

If you’re in the NYC area and you aren’t actively TTC, it’s a great (warm) way to spend a cold day.
I’m glad I fit it into my month break.

Now we are back at home, drinking homemade hot chocolate and about to watch the Itt.y Bi.tty Ti.tty Committee.
Winter is for nesting…and K is home for a whole 10 days!!!!  It’s like a staycation!