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November 24, 2008


Melty Point

Dear Mr. Deli Man:

Times are tough. You’re lucky I’m still coming into your crappy deli because there’s a better one 3 blocks further I prefer.
But when you give me a $7 tuna melt ‘panini’ and the cheap American cheese isn’t even melted…that’s not a panini, Mr. Deli Man–that’s a half-assed job and it’s not like you were even busy.

While I’m sure there are worse things than a non-melted, lukewarm panini I can’t think of any right now because I’m starving and I want to eat my lunch.
But it’s in the toaster oven getting hot.

That girl who probably isn’t going to come back any time soon.

ETA: The other deli doesn’t give me free chips with my panini so I’m taking this as a sign the universe doesn’t want me to eat potato chips.


Day 25 of the Break

This morning we met a group of 10 TTC NYC-area bloggers and had a great time talking to those we’d met before and getting to know new couples.  I can’t believe how many people I’ve been able to meet from this blog.  These are couples I don’t think we would’ve met otherwise in our busy lives and it’s one more reason I’m so grateful for this blog community.  Thanks Gia, for helping to bring us all together face-to-face.

Braving the cold weather and the madness of SoHo on a Sunday afternoon, we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping–not an activity K is fond of and not one that either of us do very often if we can help it.  As a result, K has not bought jeans in about 3 years and it was TIME.

The economic downturn has had only a few upsides and shopping has been one of them.  NYC is not known for great customer service, but I’ve been noticing in both restaurants and retail shops…the staff seem to be ‘nicer’ and willing to go a bit further for a sale.
Not to mention the sales!  My god, the stores really want you to buy, buy, buy!  I’ve never seen anything like it before Thanksgiving.

My strategy was to shop around, try on, decide…but NOT buy it.  Then, we’d come back this weekend when surely it would be on sale (or even further on sale…) and then grab and dash!
This is huge for me, because I hate shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving…it’s like a contact sport.
However, today K found a great pair of jeans that were already on sale…then they got us by offering free alternations.  When you are 5 ft. 2, that is a deal catcher, so we bought them.

We ended our weekend with Sushi Sunday which we try to do every week with a group of 8-10 girlfriends (and the occasional gay guy…). I’m fitting in all the raw fish I can eat this month!

The movie last night:  honestly the only reason we rented it is because a good friend of ours in the LA les film biz was involved in producing this film.  I would never tell her–and she doesn’t read this blog–but I didn’t really care for it.  It probably went over much better with a target audience of 20-somethings that are still angry.  
I’m not angry anymore…and I’m so happy about that.

This post is so boring.  Congratulations if you read this far.  I will try to be more exciting tomorrow.
Day 25 and I’m still spotting.  So weird.