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November 25, 2008



It is one month to the day that I got sick—and I’m still suffering a bit from TNC (the never-ending cold).

But last night….for the first time in a month…I slept without a ‘cough sweet’ clinging to the roof of my mouth.

It was still there, tucked under my pillow ‘just in case’ when I woke up this morning (I can’t leave them on the night stand because the monster hones in on them and plays cat-as-hockey-player games in the dark of the night and all you hear is ping-rustle rustle-ping as he bounces them against the wall).

What I didn’t know is that K has been finding the wrappers all over the bed! Haha!

Vee and Jay, I know you are horrified right now—possibly beyond words—to learn that I’ve continued on with my deadly practice. But here I am—Alive!

I asked my mom about this ‘practice’ of mine and she said while she doesn’t do it ‘regularly’, she has done it.

So there you go: blame it on my mother!

Day 27: Finally called the RE about the spotting issue…..I know I should’ve done it earlier. But we talked and while he was concerned, he said that we’ll do a day 3 U/S and bloodwork and go from there. He also said “since you had an irregular period, this may very well go hand in hand with that” which, yeah, is kind of what I was thinking. He says there’s no cause for concern UNLESS this becomes a pattern with me. So, now….just waiting for the Old Red Head to make a visit…should be any day now…or not considering this month has been somewhat out of whack. Either way, I’m ready.


Hello Again Florida!

Good news today from the Sunshine State!

I’m not saying we’re thinking about moving…but it’s a nicer place for gays today.

ETA: I know this decision still has to go further and will be appealed but the fact that something positive is happening at all gives me hope.