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November 2008


Translator Needed

Can someone please tell me how to say:  “Please do not feed the cats treats all day.  It makes them vomit and gives them diarrhea.”

Oh, in Chinese.

That’s all I got today.  A clean house–except for the cat vomit.

Bullets Because I’m Tired

Training Day

  • The training course yesterday was challenging to say the least.
  • I had to learn a 2-week course of HTML in 7 hours.
  • There were only 3 of us in the class and the other 2 had taken an HTML class before.
  • I am not a techie at ALL.
  • Right about 1pm I thought I might burst into tears from frustration.
  • I did not.
  • I don’t do well with being in last place.
  • I’m still exhausted.

What is This Reddish Stuff?

  • It’s sporadically in my CM and when I use the loo since Day 19.
  • I ovulated on Day 17.
  • There’s no way I could be starting my period.
  • It’s now Day 21.
  • Internet says “mid-cycle spotting is normal”.
  • Not normal for me.
  • Acupuncturist gave me herbs to warm my qi.
  • I’m running cold these days (and my temps prove it).
  • Let me say it one more time: It was a good month to take a break.

Who’s Moving to Florida?

  • Not us.
  • Thanks for all of your comments–they sent me to reality check land.
  • We will continue to visit relatives for the free sun and sand.
  • I am trying to embrace the freezing–whoops, brisk!–wind on my walk to work and back.

On Bars and Lesbians

  • I like lesbians–obviously–I married one.
  • I have a great group of lesbian friends and I really like hanging out with them.
  • But not at bars.
  • I don’t put myself in a box that says “lesbian” on the label because that’s not ‘who’ I am.
  • Lesbian bars make me very boxed in and uncomfortable.
  • NYC bar flies seem to be like the popular clique in HS. They all look the same and act the same and have the same haircut.
  • Over it.
  • Glad to hear others don’t “get it” either!

If you’re interested in Irish history in the 1920’s, I strongly recommend the movie, “The Wind That Sha.kes the Barley”. Excellent film, even if I did have to turn on the subtitles to understand the thick Irish brogue.

Well, that turned into a long post after all.


I Just Don’t Get It

Maybe it’s because I started young–underage

Maybe it’s because I worked in one for a couple of years
Maybe it’s because I don’t like the music
Maybe it’s because some of the people scare me
Maybe it’s because it feels segregated
Maybe it’s because I’m married
Maybe it’s because I’m older
Maybe it’s because I don’t get drunk
Maybe it’s because I’m not looking
Maybe it’s because I look straight
Maybe it’s because the most discrimination I’ve ever faced for being not being “lesbian enough” has been inside a New York lesbian bar.

Say what you want about the south, but this never happened in Texas.
I’m so over lesbians and their bars.

Legal Questions and Other Rambling

It’s hard to go from 84 degrees in Florida to 34 degrees in NYC. This is how much both K and I hate winter: We went on a real estate tour yesterday thinking about where we would live if we were to move and what the legal ramifications would be.

We could buy a beautiful home—something impossible for us to do here—and I would not have to work and instead could take care of the baby (you know, in case we actually have one) for a couple of years. There would be a yard and the beach nearby and sunshine most of the year. And yes, the odd hurricane, but hey you can’t have everything.

If a lesbian couple were to do second parent adoption in say…New York State, but then move to Florida….does that make the adoption null and void?

Anyone know these answers without me calling a lawyer?

It looks like some of you who are doing NamBloHoMo are tag-teaming! I cry Foul!

It’s putting me behind in my commenting, but so far, I’ve written my post every single day—by myself!

Tonight: meeting a bunch of friends to attend the Lesbian mag party sponsored by G.O.! Should be fun except I’m exhausted from arriving back home last night and not getting enough sleep and I just found out I have an all-day training 9-5 tomorrow.

Good thing I’m ‘allowing’ myself a bit of caffeine in emergency moments such as tomorrow’s training…


One Missed Phone Call

I had the most perfect day with my girl today.  We had breakfast, drove to the beach, had a 3 mile beach walk, shopped for a new bikini for K (no small accomplishment to find one and we did!) had lunch outside…and shopped for shoes to bring to the Grams.

Who needs a phone?  Not me.  I’ve got my baby right here and all is right with the world.  If anyone calls I can call them back, right?  Wrong.

Imagine my surprise when I finally checked my voicemail on the way to the airport:

Hello [insert real name],
This is Gladys from Delta airlines in Melbourne.  If you could get to the airport around 3:30, we would love to put you in a cab to Orlando, for free, and fly you non-stop, first-class from Orlando to New York.  We hope you can make it.

Did I make it?  Why no, I did not and had another tight connection in the airport from hell also known as Hotlanta in which I almost missed my flight to NYC and was wedged in a middle seat.
It pays to have elite flight status.  It pays even more when you are a true American who obsessively carries a mobile at all times.  Especially on flight days.

PS–My temp totally spiked this morning!  In fact, it is the clearest temp spike I’ve ever seen on my chart.  Not so happy with the fact that I ovulated on Day 17 though…
Nothing a little Clo.mid can’t help next month.

I Admit I’m a Bit Dim Sometimes

I surged 100% all day/night Day 15 and Day 16.
Today is Day 17 and there’s no surge.
BUT, my temp did not spike this morning to show that I have ovulated as I expected it to.
Is this normal…if you ovulate 24-36 hours after the surge…?
This is confusing. I feel like it never gets any easier trying to figure it out.

I give up. I’m going to go eat ice cream instead.


Killing Frogs on the Highway

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I barely made my connection. K was not so lucky. They closed the gates right as she ran up (we were not on the same flight) and she was denied boarding.

She became that person who screams at the gate agent and almost gets security called on her. This is a woman who travels too much, has too many flight delays to deal with every week and she snapped. When she finally calmed down enough (she was told no one would help her until she stopped using profanity), they issued her a ticket to Orlando (an hour and 1/2 away) and I found myself driving at midnight to pick her up.

I was amazed at the amount of frogs hopping on the highway in the dark of the night. I had no choice; splat. I love frogs, I’m so sorry froggies.

Unfortunately she had so much work today she never got out of her p.j.’s until 5pm, so I held court at the pool by myself (Gram doesn’t go outside in the sunshine–why is she in Florida???). Just me and the old ladies (who smoke–so gross!) doing leg lifts in the shallow end.

Got back to the house in time to see a bobcat prowling around on the back wall and later tonight, the space shuttle lifted off–rocket red skies at night.

Weather wise, I heart this place. I could live here with the warm sea breezes, curtains billowing in the wind, palm trees rustling. I love it. We love it.
Someday….we will be closer to the equator. Someday…


Well I Thought I Was….


But now that line is really dark.  Cool.
So I successfully avoided all bars, boys and booze last night only to now dodge the mile high club and a full moon.  Lord Help Me.

Off to Florida this afternoon.  Beaches!  Tennis!  Old people that eat dinner at 5:30!

I know over half the state thinks I’m some deviant form of Satan, but K’s grandma loves her lesbians.

Twin Cycles-Boss Style

Did I ever tell you that story of how I finally had to tell my boss that we were TTC? Yeah, it was August, right before I got the BFP. I was so convinced that I was not + and was prepared to do IVF in October.
She had a lot of travel scheduled for me the same month and I told her I couldn’t do it….and she asked why…and well, I had to tell her.
It has ended up being a really good thing. She has a son, 18 months old, is the same age as me, suffered an early miscarriage this summer while TTC #2 and we’ve been able to talk about a lot of things.
What I didn’t realize is that we are on the same.exact.cycle. And did I mention she is TTC as well?
And that we are a 2-person team? If we get pregnant at the same time…oh dear.
I admit I’m jealous that she is the same age as me and tonight has access to fresh, free sperm.
I don’t want it to feel like a contest…but it feels a little like a race.

Day 14. I’ve been temping, charting, peeing on sticks. I find it very reassuring that my body is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. My chart looks excellent, I’ve got EWCM, I’m surging and…I must be releasing intoxicating pheromones because last night FOUR guys blatantly hit on me as I was walking and 2 this morning on my way to work. They must smell my body is ripe for baby making…it’s crazy. I have something they want and they have something I need. It would be so easy…except for that pesky lesbian business.

Sitting out a cycle has been relatively stress-free and easy. I’ve enjoyed it up until this day when I just want to get my hands on some sperm.


Wimpy Winter Wonderland

I can’t say I hate Winter, but it’s pretty damn close.

However, I do love certain winter sports–like downhill skiing.  
I didn’t learn to ski until my early 30’s when I went with K’s family on an Italian ski vacation.  I’ve been hooked since that first trip down the mountain and have really enjoyed the annual ski holiday.  Last winter skiing in Tahoe, my face literally froze.  My goggles had to be peeled off my face.  Ouch.  
I don’t know if I’ll be pregnant this winter and if I’ll be able to ski or not.
But Expensive Mountain Sports was having a gear sale and I can’t put my life on hold b/c of TTC.
The ski mask and ski bunny hat have arrived.  You like?
I look a little bit like I’m going to rob the ski lodge, but damn I’m going to be warm the next time I’m up on that mountain.  I am ready to go!