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December 10, 2008


Hope is in the House!

All is good in the land of Puffer Hopes. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments–they really made my day.

Between IUI #1 and IUI #2, I have over 36 million sperm swimming looking for 2 good eggs!

These are the best numbers we’ve EVER had and I gave a little shriek this morning seeing the numbers.

I LOVE our new Baby Daddy. Love Love Love Him.

I have to say that since we started doing back-to-back IUI’s, I no longer freak and fret about the timing. I know it’s also because I got pregnant with the first dual IUI’s, so that’s what sticks in my mind—it worked!

Regardless, having the stress of ‘timing’ lifted off my uterus has been golden. I am feeling really bloated and a little crampy this time. Usually I don’t feel much different, but I would love to be lying down right now instead of sitting upright at work with my pants unbuttoned.

Having K there for both of the inseminations was great and we did some visualization techniques afterwards just meditating on the different stages of conception and stages of pregnancy. It was so comforting and relaxing I felt like I was beaming when I came out of the room.

There’s a lot of pressure when 14DPO=Christmas Day.

We’ll be upstate and have decided that if it’s a positive we’ll just hang tight until the 29th and then come in for a beta.

If it’s a negative and K isn’t staffed on a project, we’re jumping on a plane and going somewhere warm.

Queerstork and I saw the same fortuneteller and I can tell we are still thinking about her and the predictions.

For me, she told me my lucky number was 996. I have been trying like mad to see where that number could apply.

Well, 9 months pregnant would be a due date of September (9) 6.

*Cue eerie music*