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December 12, 2008


Lucky Number 8!

Queerstork has been talking about the number 8 today and it’s got my head spinning…


The year is 2008.

I got pregnant (barely) in Aug. (the 8th month)

My 8-year anniversary to K was on 8.8.08.

And this is my 8th IUI.

Plus the Chinese like the number 8, so that has to count for something.

There are two other bloggers out there besides Queerstork and myself who just completed their 8
th IUI and they already have BFP’s, so go say Congrats to this little lady and this one, too.

I have great hopes for this month with all of these BFP’s on the 8th IUI.

But I’m as bloated as a street child with tape worms in a third world country. That’s never happened before.

K says I must be pregnant because I already look pregnant!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!