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December 16, 2008


Bits and Pieces

I’m still here, being a quiet blogger and keeping busy. It’s almost hard to believe a week has passed since the first IUI.

We had parties to go this weekend which made it feel festive and all holiday-like, which it really hasn’t until now. Saturday night K’s brother, a fabulous gay man who works in fashion, was having his annual soiree. It’s a beautiful get together but nerve-wracking figuring out what to wear when about 80% of the room works in fashion and 20% are just ridiculously fashionable. I was unsure the entire evening if I’d pulled off the outfit (that also concealed the bloat) until a gorgeous guy told me I could be a character on Sex in the City. That made my weekend!
There was another guy at the party, a good friend of the brother, which we would love to ask for some fresh stuff. Problem is that he’s a total slut. Damn. Too risky. So many beautiful, intelligent men all around us and all of them are too risky.

Sunday morning I went to the monthly TTC brunch hosted by Gia. It was lovely as usual and nice to see everyone, catch up and make new friends. I’m so glad there are a number of us in the NYC area that make these monthly brunches.
The afternoon/evening was for shopping and a cookie decorating party. I got most of my holiday shopping done—but along the way found a new coat for myself. Regular price $600. The price I paid? $92. How can you pass that up? The last black winter coat I bought was in Italy, February 2003 and while it’s still ‘fine’ I cannot express how tired and bored I am with this coat.

I have resisted buying new clothes for so long thinking, ‘but if I get pregnant’. This winter I’ve said screw it. I literally have not bought new winter clothes (except from Goodwill/Salvation Army) since….2002/2003…until now.

Winter 2003/2004—I spent in South East Asia
Winter 2004/2005—I spent in South East Asia
Winter 2005/2006—I was saving up money travel in South America and Central America.
Winter 2006/2007—Saving all my money in the baby fund in case we don’t have insurance coverage.
Winter 2007/2008—I was scheduled to TTC soon and why buy new clothes now when I could outgrow them so soon?
Winter 2008/2009—Even if I’m pregnant RIGHT NOW, I can wear my entire wardrobe for at least the 1st trimester so I’m buying some new clothes!!

So, I feel justified. It’s justifiable, right? I added a few new sweaters to the mix, and then cleaned out my closets of the stuff I never want to wear again, bagged it all up and gave it to the cleaning lady who was happy to have it. Everyone wins.

But enough about that. It’s either 5 or 6 DPO.
According to fertility friend I ovulated later than I ever have—which is Bad Bad News.
Day 12 Monday—Trigger 10pm
Day 13 Tuesday—IUI 3pm
Day 14 Wednesday—IUI 9am

How could I have ovulated on Day 15, Thursday?? Three days after the trigger??
If this is true, we missed it. Again. All that sperm wasted. All that bloat for nothing. I keep telling myself I forgot to take my temperature that morning and just recorded the previous morning’s temp. But I don’t really believe me. Because of course I was waking up to take that temp and see that spike. And I didn’t. I remember that. But I didn’t want to believe it. Couldn’t believe it. If I had fresh sperm this would not be a problem. With frozen? That 6-12 hour window is a big stretch. See for yourself. 9 Days til testing…and trying to keep the faith that I am pregnant until proven otherwise.

I would post my chart for you but Blogger won’t let me.