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February 18, 2009


The Goddess is Smiling Even Tho AF is Nowhere to be Found.

Hello again.  We have been extremely busy here in Pufferland.  Much busier than when I actually had a job.  Anyway….

Where to start?  Well, life is good.  No, scratch that, life is Great.  K calmed down a lot about the job situation and everyone knows the Puffer is very resourceful and now no one in the family is worried.  It’s nice when people have faith in you and put the spreadsheets away.

I feel like I’m at a big crossroad.  Which way to turn?  I need some insight and clarity.  I need…to get away.
Oh yes, you saw that coming, didn’t you?  Well, I am on a break and AF is late and this cycle was a bust anyway.
I’ve got no TTC plans coming up, I’ve got no job to go to and K is working on a project from home…so the timing is great.
K has known from the very beginning that I get itchy; I have a gypsy soul.

I thought I would head to India and go to an ashram for the next month.  But that didn’t pan out in the end and all signs kept pointing me back to the place I love the most.  So, I’m going back to Thailand.  I found a 1o-day Buddhist meditation retreat.
I think it’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Silent for 10 days.  That’s a lot of meditation.  But I’m really looking forward to it.  The rest of the time I’ll spend in the jungle and on the beaches, my two favorite places.

K is an absolute doll and is very supportive of my trip. She thinks it’s great I like to do all of these crazy things by myself.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.  She really gets me.

But you didn’t come here to read about my travels.  You came here to read about my journey TTC.  I don’t know where that journey is going to take me.  It’s looking more and more like my eggs are fried.  Since we have the option of K as my egg donor, I really feel that’s the way we’ll go.  
The thyroid meds are working their wonders!  I feel great!  I didn’t feel bad before, but WOW, I feel so much better.  It’s really incredible.  So, I feel good about the future.  It will all work out.  It’s out of my hands.

If you do want to read about my travels, I’ll be posting on a separate travel blog.  
Here is the link:  www.mytb.org/Puffstuff

I’ll be following all of you from the road when I can…and wishing everyone BFP’s.  Be back in the Springtime…

xoxo Puff