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February 25, 2009


Still Alive in Thailand

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted you to know that I am alive and well. My period came at the best time–on the flight to Qatar. Ha. At least it’s back on the regular cycle. We’ll see what next month brings.
I had the opportunity yesterday to meet a wonderful Dutch couple–they are both almost 70 and fascinating–we were talking about everything and me trying to get pregnant just came out…
They confided to me their daughter has done IVF and wanted to hear all about my process.
It was a great exchange and I really just wanted to give them a big hug. When we departed at the bus station I almost cried.
The days are going quickly. I will soon head to the silent meditation retreat.
There are a lot of things going through my head and I really feel like I’m not going to make this baby. But I think I can have K’s baby.
It’s a hard decision to come to, but one I’m getting better at accepting.

I am thinking of you all. I skimmed through my reader quickly and was happy to finally see some good news out there.
Wishing you all well.