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March 9, 2009


Decision Time

If you haven’t been following along with me on the travel site, that’s where I’m blogging these days.
I made a decision while I was in the silent retreat. Here’s my plan: my cycle is back to normal, no more weird wonkiness and I felt my ovulation right on time. This is all really good news.
I have a box full of meds waiting for me at home. I’ve decided to use them and give this IVF ONE LAST SHOT. We have just enough sperm left for me to do this and still have 2 vials left for K to do IVF/egg donor.
If I have another bad response to the drugs…well, then I’ll know for sure, won’t I?
If I have a good response and proceed ahead, the transfer would be on April 30th.
April 30th would have been my due date.