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March 23, 2009


Eh. Maybe Not.

I think I confused some of you…I’m not home yet. I’m still in Thailand.
But I will be home in 4 days which should be cycle day 8.
Should be.
But I still haven’t started my period. Not even a hint.
I’ve never been this late. Ever.
So all of those carefully laid plans in my last post? I’m not feeling so confident anymore.
Maybe I was just too late to this baby game to play.
If I can carry K’s baby, that would be great, but if not…..well. I don’t know.
What’s meant to be will be.

It’s hard to believe I’ll be turning 40 in 2 months.
Oh well, it could be worse.
It can always be worse.

Right now, I’m looking forward to going home, having clean clothes, not sweeping gecko poo from my cabana floor 3xday and no mosquito nets. Small things in life, but very important.
Mostly, I’m looking forward to being with my baby again.

You’ll hear from me on a regular basis back here soon…