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April 17, 2009


Kicking My Thyroid’s Ass

Two months ago my TSH was 6.27.

Now?  .543

So I am completely in the clear on my TSH.  If I don’t get a positive from this donor egg cycle, it will NOT be because of my thyroid.  My endocrinologist did a shitload of other tests as well, Free T4, etc etc.  They all came back completely normal.  I feel a great relief about all of this and knowing that my thyroid is in check.

Did I mention that I never even knew I was feeling tired, fatigued or mild depression until I started taking the synthroid and stopped feeling that way?  
(the minor depression as of late is total culture shock/coming to terms with the fact I will never have a bio child/and readjustment to this (as of late but not today) crappy weather) 
I think I’d lived with these symptoms for so long, I thought they were normal.  

I don’t know if it was Thailand (where I always lose weight) or the thyroid balancing itself out or what, but since starting the meds I’ve lost 7 lbs.  Which means I am exactly where I was when I started the TTC process in Jan. 08.  And that was my goal so at least I haven’t failed at that. Thank fucking god.

In other news, I want to thank all of you for showing me such support.  I’ve gone through a bit of a funk since returning.  There was a lot to process and it didn’t help that sunshine (literally) seemed to have left the earth.  It’s back now…I hope it stays around because I’m feeling a lot better.  I’ve just been trying to stay off the internet and out of blogworld so I don’t get so wrapped up.  There are things that just aren’t that good for me right now.  I hope you understand blogosphere.  I’m still here, just a bit more quietly than before.