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April 28, 2009


One Night Stand

Apparently, my body was just getting used to the BCP’s as the next day life went back to normal (thank God).  Let’s hope I’m just as lucky with Lupron…which starts this Friday.

Things are progressing over here…I go in for an SIS tomorrow and my mock transfer.  This will determine all is well with the baby-growing location (my uterus) and where exactly they will put the potential poopers.
Kate has genetic counseling tomorrow and soon, we should both find out the results of our blood work for the genetic screening and the RPL panel.   Some of mine for the RPL have come back and so far, so good!

We’re both on prenatals, she’s also on L’arginine for egg quality and I’m on B6 for the ute.
The weather has been gorgeous so we’ve been going out running almost every day as well as yoga and pilates for me.  My RE said I can work out every day right up until transfer so that was great news to hear!

I’ve been weaning K off caffeine…without her knowing it!  Since I’m home now and so is she (she’s on a project working from home since December now), and we’re with each other pretty much 24 hours a day, I’m in charge/control of…oh everything.  
I’m basically a SAHM minus the kid.  Which means, I make the cappuccinos every morning (and do the shopping, run the errands, do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry,etc etc.).  

So, for the past month, I’ve been sneakily replacing her tin of espresso with half of my decaf to wean her lightly.  Problem is…for all the lack of attention that girl pays to detail, she realized that somehow the container was never depleting.  This is when I realized how precious espresso is to her.  She’d remark “I think we need to go Porto Rico and get more espresso” and I’d be all like, “no, we’re fine; we have plenty.”
Finally one night she asked me and I fessed up.  She was a bit peevish, but I told her if I’d let her know she would’ve played it up in her head and thought she was tired all day long–which she totally was not.
Anyway, she’s agreed that once stims start she will abstain from all caffeine and running until this is over.
This is huge for her, but she is so excited about outsourcing the womb, she’s willing to suck it up!

We’ve both started acupuncture now in preparation of the upcoming cycle..it’s all starting to feel very, very real now and I’m getting more excited and optimistic every single day.