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April 2009


Test Drive the Egg Basket

It’s hard to look in the mirror and see someone so young and yet have your eggs be so old.

Me and my bad eggs, we’re finished.

I know you can’t compare making a baby (and the cost involved) to buying a car, but well, yes you can.
I am the lemon.  K is the Volvo.
Why would we keep spending more money to fix up the lemon when we have the chance to drive the Volvo?  Also, keep in mind I come from a long line of lemons and K’s family has a garage of Volvos.

Since arriving home (5 days ago) I’ve been:
  • talking with the RE,
  • the egg donor program coordinator,
  • the insurance company, 
  • the billing department,
  • the psychologist assigned to our case,
  • had my blood drawn to do a gazillion tests related to my thyroid
  • set up an appointment for my endocrinologist to review the results of the thyroid testing 
  • set up all appointments for K to enter egg donor program
  • caught up on everyone’s blogs

And that’s just the TTC-related stuff!  I have been one busy Puff.

We’ve been looking down this path for so long…we didn’t even need to talk about it that much.
It woke me up at 5:30 the morning after I got home and I just got up, starting making a list, looking at the calendar and figuring things out.
There’s a possibility we might be able to do this at the end of May, but more probable is the first/middle of June.
While we both know there’s no guarantee K has superstar eggs, we know hers are 8 years younger than mine–PERIOD.  So, we’re going with that and hoping for the best.

It’s good to be home.  Funny thing with K and I–we need no ‘readjustment period’.  We each do so much travel and have for so many years…it’s like I came in the door and it was like, “oh I’m home again”.  Sometimes she’ll come through the living room and smile looking at me and say “you’re really home!” She’s so cute and willing to do whatever it takes–even if she has to carry the damn baby herself–to make our little family dream come true.