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May 8, 2009


Feeling Grateful

My posts as of late have been depressing and selfish.  If I were reading from the outside, I probably would be skipping this blog because it’s just too….much.

Today, I woke up early, threw open the shades and found the sunshine pouring in.  I felt so grateful for all I have in my life and wanted to remind myself.
The first song that came in my head while making breakfast was “Don’t Worry” by Bob Marley and that’s what I need to keep in mind right now.

I have so much to be grateful for at this exact moment.   Thank you to everyone who has been calling/texting/emailing to make sure I’m alright and encouraging me to fight the depression.  Many of you have been there with me during some of my darker days and your faith that I can fight this meant a lot to me.

I’m grateful for some small, but wonderful things today.  Like going upstate this weekend and spending time with K’s family eating good food and making new memories.
Last night I made chive biscuits and tonight we’ll eat these with K’s mom’s southern style pulled pork and it will be one of the best meals ever.

After that we’ll top it off with the pear almond tarte I always make for K’s mom in order to score DIL points.

I’m grateful for my wife who decided to pick up a hammer for the first time ever in our entire relationship to hang something because she got tired of asking me to do it!

I’m grateful that my wife fully supports me in everything I want to do, even when that means I leave her for months at a time to explore myself and my world.

I’m grateful that we can do this egg donor cycle and we have the finances and insurance to make it happen. (this is me looking grateful!)

  And I’m grateful for everyone out there reading this and cheering me on.

Have a great weekend.