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May 15, 2009


Pufferfish Mommy

My mom is in town, has been since Monday.  If you recall, I was headed up to K’s mom’s for Mother’s Day weekend.  That means, I had 3 non-stop days of MIL, combined with Grandma in-law before I had to summon the patience for my own mom.  6.5 days day of mom in a one-bedroom apartment is a lot.  

I haven’t been on the internet much and have only had the chance to skim through my reader of all your blogs, so no commenting this week, I’m sorry!!

But, the good news is that all this activity had kept my mind off ‘me’ and I really needed that.  So, blessings have come disguised as a woman who claims to have birthed me, but looks, sounds, and acts nothing like me.
Furthermore, she doesn’t like Asian or Indian food, claiming that “Oriental Flavor” a bit too much.  What the hell does that even mean???  We pretty much have six food groups in this house:  Thai, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and Malay/Indonesian.
We have no idea what to feed her, but we’re managing.  Now she knows how I feel when I go to Misery (Missouri) and claim there’s nothing to eat!

We are having a pretty good time, though, all things considered.  She’s a much better mother at 69 than she ever was when I was growing up.
Thank god I escaped the SW Misery accent.  That’s all I have to say about that.

See you next week, when there’s more time on my hands.