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May 28, 2009


Bumper Crop of Eggs Brought to You by the Number 10

It’s starting to feel very, very real now!

Yesterday, we had K’s date with the dildocam to see how well she’s responding to the Menopur.  Results=Excellent!

She’s got 9 follicles on the right and 7 on the left after 6 days of stims.  They are all trucking along about 10mm, with one renegade at 12.
Her blood work is exactly where it should be.
This morning, I had my date with el dildocam and we found a juicy, thick lining at a little over 10.  WooHoo!  
My estrogen was having a little trouble rising as of last Sunday.  They wanted to see it above 150 and I was lazily cruising at 112.  So I’ve been on Estrace 3 x day, plus one Climara Estrogen Patch every other day since then.
Looks like that did the trick because my E2 today is at 551!!  Perfect!

I did have a little freak out yesterday when I noticed some CM.  I associate CM with ovulation (don’t you?!) and panicked over the fact that for sure I was ovulating, I’d busted through the Lupron and K would have to carry the baby overall.
Turns out CM while on Lupron just means your estrogen is rising appropriately and it’s a good sign.  Whew!

We are both puffing out a bit in terms of bloat, but amazingly neither one of us has gained a pound.  In fact, K has actually lost 2 lbs since starting the stims??!!  I have no idea!  Maybe because we cut out sugar?  
Who knows, but for anyone out there scared of an IVF/donor egg cycle due to drug side effects or weight gain–have faith!  We have had (so far) no weight gain and little to none of the side effects we had anticipated.

K goes back tomorrow for more exciting adventure with things stuck inside her.
At this rate, we’ll probably be up there every other day.  At least it’s within walking distance and no one has to rush to the office afterwards.  

Life is Very Good.