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May 30, 2009


I am the Chicken

“I’m the Chicken because I make the eggs,” she said to me on our (now daily) (very slow because of the eggs) walk to the fertility clinic.

“If you’re the Chicken, what am I?”
“Um….you’re the nest.”

Right about that time, we were passing Bellvue Hospital (it’s a bit of a crazy place..) and a young African American man was walking towards us and yelled out “Sheryl Crow?!  Is that you?!  OMG, can I get your autograph!?  Damn, Sheryl Crow!”  
He was kidding…I think he was kidding.  I just laughed and kept walking with my Chicken as he really didn’t look like a big Sheryl Crow fan.  I guess you never know.

Walking home, Chicken said “Is it making you crazy that we have to walk this slow?”
“No, even Sheryl Crow has to slow down sometimes.”
Chicken likes my jokes.
I like her eggs.

Chicken triggered at midnight Saturday.
Retrieval Monday, June 1st.
Transfer Saturday, June 6th.