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June 6, 2009


I am the Hatchery

We had 6 make it to blastocysts.

Of those, we transferred 2 of the best looking ones.

We’ll find out tomorrow if the 4 remaining made it to freeze.  It would be great if they did, but at this point, it’s all out of our hands.

Chicken wasn’t able to be in the room with me for the actual transfer, but we were able to be in the recovery room for 30 minutes until I was discharged.

In the elevator down, she said, “There’s two in you.”
“Holy Shit, we could get a baby out of this.  Did you know that?”
“OMG, this is crazy.”

Hee hee.  I think it just hit her.

They gave us a 60% chance success rate, with a 40% chance of twins.
Beta is 6/15, a Monday and Chicken will be traveling.
There are two pee sticks in the bathroom.  Fully expect me to pee on them next weekend:)

It’s been a very, very good birthday!