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June 7, 2009


Conversations in Pineapple Land

“Thanks for cutting up the pineapple baby, you did a great job!”

Takes bite, super juicy, yum…realizes this pineapple is too yummy because there is no core.

“You didn’t keep the core?”
“You need the core?  I didn’t know you needed the core??”
“Babe, you did.  I always eat the pineapple with the core.”
“But I thought that was just when you were trying to get pregnant?”
“Um, I AM still trying to get pregnant!”

I love Chicken, but I need to remind her transfer does not equal pregnancy.

I have now been served a separate plate of pineapple core only.  That should taste great.

PS–Bed rest/taking it easy sucks and I am a horrible patient.