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June 9, 2009


I Hope You Packed Your Pistol

For the past 6 months I have had the luxury of Chicken working from home on an internal project. She hasn’t had to travel anywhere! Since I’ve been home from Thailand that means we have had 2 months of being together 24 hours a day, mostly in p.j.’s.
All good things come to an end.

The project ended right as Chicken started stimming and she was staffed on a new project focused on Latin America. Luckily, they let her work from home until the egg retrieval, but 2 days after–off she went. Back into the big work world of wearing real clothes and paying for dry cleaners.

Mainly, she’ll be working from D.C.–which is great!–but she also may cover such destinations as: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Miami. Heh Heh. I love it that Miami is part of Latin America.
All of these (except Argentina) are countries we’ve been to with a backpack and a bus. No big deal.

So you can imagine the surprise when she requested transportation information for this week’s country and was told, “You don’t have to arrange that. We’ll have an armored car and an armed guard waiting for you at the airport. They will take you directly to the hotel. You are to take all of your meals at the hotel and not leave for any reason. If you should be kidnapped, the company will pay your full ransom.”

Lovely. And here I was thinking, “Hey, Mexico City! Cool!”

She’s decided to wear jeans on the plane tonight so she doesn’t look like a business lady. Wish Chicken luck. She had bad food in the airport and was already peckish.