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June 12, 2009


It Always Happens This Way at 6dpt, Doesn’t It?

You write a post about how it’s all over and there’s no chance….and then…


Yes, my friends who did not give up hope, I just peed on a stick and got a faint PLUS.
For today, I am PREGNANT.  I will pee on another stick Saturday and Sunday and then Monday we’ll find out just how pregnant I am with the beta!!!

I think the baby was just waiting for Chicken to get home (which she did last night) so we could be all be together.  That was the plan all along.

Me:  OMG, look at this.
Chicken:  What is it?  Oh this one’s different.  What does that mean?  Did it work?
Me:  It worked!  It’s faint.
Chicken:  Oh!  OK, I’m not going to get too excited yet (trying to protect her heart)
Me:  NO!  Get excited!  I need you f*cking excited! (heart on a platter)
Chicken:  Oh!  I’m very excited!  Very excited!

WOW.  Here we go again.  Please let this one work.  Stick baby STICK!