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June 15, 2009


Did You Hear the One Where the Chicken Knocked Up the Pufferfish?

And her beta at 9 days past a 5 day transfer (that would be 14DPO) was…


Holy Shit.  

As the nurse said, “You’re very pregnant.”
She actually called me at 2pm, but told me that they didn’t need to see me again until next Monday. 
An entire week??  Are they crazy??!!  Don’t they know I’m practically peeing on pee sticks every hour??
So, I put in a call to my RE who just called back and said yes, it’s standard here, we don’t need to see you for a week.  Your beta is very strong and everything seems to be just fine.
“But you wouldn’t turn me away if I just turned up and offered my veins to the nurse, right?”
He chuckled a little bit and said no, they would not turn me away.

If I can hold out, I will, but if not, I’m going to compromise and go in on Thursday morning for another beta.

Oh and when I asked him, “I know you can’t tell from this number if it’s a singleton or twins, but what do you think?”
His answer scared the shit out of me. 

Is there something in the water here and here in NYC???  Am I next to join the club of “where the hell do we put two babies in 900 square feet of space?”

I am relieved beyond belief and scared all at the same time.  
We were talking about twins earlier this weekend and I remarked “well, the universe has never given me more than I could handle” to which Chicken replied, “yeah….but you can handle ALOT.”
Well said Chicken, well said.
I can handle one or two.  I won’t be the first tiny thang to carry twins.  I just want a healthy pregnancy and baby at the end of it.  I’m getting ahead of myself here….

I’m a bit dumbfounded right now and in shock–thrilled beyond belief, but also quite surprised–even with all those pee sticks–that this really worked.  We have made a baby.  I am pregnant.

A Tale of Pee Stick Darkening Lines…

Sorry to keep you in the dark so long! We tried to go about our business over the weekend, running errands and having fun.

Friday night, we bought a dinner picnic and walked to Chelsea. There is a new park, the Highline, that just opened last week and we thought it would be a great place to watch the sunset and have dinner. We were not disappointed! It’s an amazing space and I am dazzled at the architect’s vision for this old above ground railway. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.
Unfortunately, on the walk over, we were both swayed by the Toasted
Marshmallow Shake at Stand (oh ice cream how I’ve missed you…) and we each decided to screw the sugar ban and get one. About an hour later, I started having some cramping and thought “Oh No! Sugar is Satan and I just killed the baby with an overdose!” or….I could be having gas. Eh. Anyway, we decided to call it short and take the bus back home as I was scared of walking across town again at that point.

My acupuncturist (and doula) assured me (and the darkening line) the next morning that some cramps were perfectly normal as my uterus is going though all sorts of changes right now. She gave me the green light to walk as much as I wanted unless I was having pelvic pain. Since I tend to walk alot, this was great news–but all the same, I’m still scaling back a bit for now and also going a bit slower than I normally do.

Saturday I was hit with the fatigue that can only be referred to as “I have to take a nap right NOW“. So I did, and it was fantastic! Nothing like a Saturday afternoon nap in the sunlight with a cat curled up on you.
We were supposed to meet some friends for dinner, but I was wiped out and Chicken started her period, so we chilled out at home.

Sunday, the line darkened yet again…and I woke up thinking “I need to eat something NOW or else it won’t be pretty“. Not nauseous, just immediately hungry.
We are part of a greater NYC
bloggers group that meet once a month and this was our 1 year anniversary brunch. We had a beautiful morning walk to the West Village where we got our monthly dose of good friends and food. Plus, this wonderful woman passed on her pee sticks to me so I have more things to pee on now!

That evening, as we headed to the UWS for a wedding reception, I realized that from now on I might need to leave the house with some almonds or a Kashi bar in my bag . By the time we got there, I barely made the rounds of hello’s, before devouring the buffet table…and sadly watching the tuna tartare being passed around without shoveling it in my face. Goodbye raw fish. We will meet again, but please, not for a long time–say nine months or so?

So…here are the pee sticks for your viewing pleasure. So dark. So reassuring. So Lovely.

The top one was Sunday afternoon at 3:30 when we’d gotten home from brunch.  The second one was about noon today while waiting for the beta call to come back….
Still waiting…