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June 18, 2009


Want a Midwife in Manhattan? Call BEFORE You Get Pregnant.

My blood is boiling right now and I am in serious disbelief.  I’d heard that I needed to ‘get started’ on things quickly in this city–but seriously?!

I called the midwife practice of my choice 2 days after I found out my beta.  I’m 3rd on the wait list as they are full for February.
I don’t see how this could even be possible!
But apparently some (sounds like most) women call when they are TRYING.  As in, I should’ve called on the egg retrieval date–just in case.
New York City is really getting to me in so many ways and this is just one more example.
And it’s pouring rain–again.

Tomorrow morning we leave for an upstate trip to the Adirondacks and Lake George.  Please, please let there be sun!!

Thanks for all of the questions–you came up with some really good ones and I’m going to tackle them in later posts.