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July 6, 2009


Um, Chicklet? Meet Shadow Boxer…

I got the surprise of a lifetime today at my 7 week ultrasound!

We are having twins!
I could not only see, but also hear the heartbeats! Shadow Boxer came in with 136 beats/minute and Chicklet clocked in at 140.
It was AMAZING! I had tears going down my face partly at how beautiful it all was and also because I was in a profound state of SHOCK. (which I’m still in as I write this…)
The RE was laughing at me because I was all “OMG! You’re kidding, right? Two?! Holy Shit!”
I was NOT expecting that today!!!
This is crazy exciting and I need some time to process it all…bummer that Chicken wasn’t there for this and won’t be home until Thursday night.
I’m in shock. Did I mention that?
Holy Shit, we’re having twins.

So much for my freaking intuition!!!