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August 3, 2009


Shotgun Wedding!

So we’re going to try to get hitched (again, for the third time!) this afternoon down at the NYC marriage bureau.
There’s a story behind all of this….

New York state is ‘supposed’ to legally recognize gay marriage performed by other states. Chicken and I were legally married in Santa Cruz, California last August. We were told we could take our license to NY and ‘fill in’ our new last names on that license…and voila! We would be legal and have our new last name legal as well.
Then….out came Prop 8. And no one knew what was going to happen so we were advised to wait…and wait…
By the time the news came that our marriage was indeed still legal, we were too busy and/or out of the country, to go down to the courthouse and test this.

A few weeks ago, I happened to meet with the director of the Marriage Equality NY and explained our situation. She was intrigued and said she hadn’t heard of anyone trying to do this before (with the legal name change added). She asked if she could send a cameraman with us to do a documentary of the entire process when we were ready to go down there.

Cue the Chicken finishing her project, coming home and having time to make a trip to the courthouse! Woohoo Chicken is on a little break from traveling (only 2 weeks).

So off we go today at 1pm to see if we can get our marriage recognized and change our last names to our new-and-improved same last name.

It would be great if this works. Wish us luck!