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August 22, 2009


Wow, You’re BIG. You Don’t Look Normal.

My Chicken has a way of going around with Chicken feet hanging out of her beak.

What she meant was “Wow, you really are pregnant. You don’t normally look like this.”
I love the Chicken and her blunders. It’s quite endearing. And after nine years, I get what she means even if it doesn’t quite come out the way she meant.
She’s thrilled with the tiny bump and is in awe of my changing body. She’s also already mourning the loss of my preggo tits and they’ve only just begun to grow.

So yes bloggers, I’ve apparently got a bit of a belly. But only at night really. In the morning it looks nothing like the belly I have at night.
So there are belly shots coming…but I take them all in the morning!