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August 24, 2009


Belly Shots (weeks 0-14) and Clothing Woes/Gains

OK, I am going to finally post some belly shots! I didn’t take one every week, but I have for the last few and I will be taking one every week going forward. And yes, maybe…I will take a morning/evening shot and post it just for shits and giggles.

I’m still wearing all of my normal pants–just with a rubber band as they don’t fasten anymore. Although…I think this week (14) may be the last of those pants. I noticed last night when I got home from Sushi Sunday that my zipper wasn’t going up all the way. I have gained one pound a week for a total of 9 pounds so it’s going somewhere….

Today, I’m going over to a friend’s house who is two weeks away from giving birth. She’s going to give me all of her maternity clothes that she’s outgrown and then the ‘bigger’ things once she’s done with them.

I scored a pair of ‘maternity’ pants at the most unlikely of places…For.ever.21! They are a linen blend with a cotton stretchy fold over waist. They are mostly like linen yoga pants, but they are going to be great once I get them hemmed. I can wear them for the rest of summer, plus next spring as well. Plus, only $12!
Then, I found two pairs of jeans for a great price on Craig’s List, one pair is 7 for All.Man.Kind and the other from Mi.mi.Materni.ty. It’s hard to find my size used and even though I have to get these hemmed (grr) I still saved over $150 from what I would’ve paid in the store.

Last week, I went through my closet and started a box labeled “clothes to wear when I’m skinny again” (think positive!). I was sad to do this as I’m trying not to panic that my hips and thighs (and yes, Shinda, possibly my ass) seem to be expanding along with my belly, but at the same time I was so happy to be moving in a new phase of my life. A phase where I am finally pregnant.
I can still wear a lot of my shirts that are blousy, but Chicken is one size up from me so her shirts have now become mine! I think I’ll be able to get away with this for the next month or so?

Also–BRA EXTENDERS. Oh dear god how I love these. One night a couple of weeks ago Chicken and I were getting ready to go out to dinner and I was being bitchy and finally she said “WHAT is wrong with you?” And I almost started to cry as I realized I couldn’t breathe because of my bra! My ribcage has already expanded so much, it’s incredible.
Chicken’s bras are also 32’s, but she’s a cup size bigger than me…so very soon I’m going to outgrow my bras as I’m about to spill over and then I’ll add bra extenders to Chicken’s bras and wear those for awhile.
She’s both amused and disturbed that her normal wardrobe has become my maternity wardrobe. Hee. Not for long honey, my belly will amaze us both very soon, I’m sure!

OK, here you go, my expanding belly:

One Month Before Starting Egg Donor IVF Cycle, 105

6 weeks pregnant with twins, 106

7 weeks, 1 day pregnant with twins, 107

9 weeks pregnant with twins, 109

11 weeks pregnant with twins, 111

12 weeks pregnant with twins, 112

13 weeks pregnant with twins, 113

14 weeks pregnant with twins, 114